Ordinary Everyday Things – Teddy Kilkenny

Musing and reflecting on the ordinary everyday things of life the author puts his observations and emotions into poetry for the everyday person walking through life’s journey.

From memories of childhood, to the joys and struggles of having and rearing children, to the highs and lows of work, career and fulfilled and unfulfilled ambition, Teddy’s poems are simple to relate to and may also provoke the reader to look more deeply at the world around them.

In living life to the full and savouring the happy times and little moments of pleasure, Teddy also reflects on the injustices of the world and the never-ending cycles of greed and roughshod treatment by the privileged over the ordinary man, women and child living their daily lives of not-always quiet desperation.

At times roused to anger and rebellion, Teddy also appreciates the triumph of the human spirit and the ability of all of us to express our humanity to our fellow human beings in both times of challenge and times of elation.

If in doing this Teddy’s words can help you, the reader, to be more resilient, understanding and compassionate, he and you may gain a little on life’s mysterious journey.

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